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08 Novembre 2013 publi le 2/12/2010 sous le n WO2010136981

30 Octobre 2013 International Patent
Methods and compositions for adoptive cell immunotherapy

30 Octobre 2013 International Patent
Methods for engineering allogeneic and highly active T cell for immunotherapy

Avril 2011 Mol Ther.
Meganuclease-mediated Inhibition of HSV1 Infection in Cultured Cells.
Grosse S, Huot N, Mahiet C, Arnould S, Barradeau S, Clerre DL, Chion-Sotinel I, Jacqmarcq C, Chapellier B, Ergani A, Desseaux C, Cdrone F, Conseiller E, Pques F, Labetoulle M, Smith J.

18 Février 2011 Biomaterials.
Integrin-targeted nanocomplexes for tumour specific delivery and therapy by systemic administration.
Tagalakis AD, Grosse SM, Meng QH, Mustapa MF, Kwok A, Salehi SE, Tabor AB, Hailes HC, Hart SL.

30 Juillet 2010 FASEB J.
Tumor-specific gene transfer with receptor-mediated nanocomplexes modified by polyethylene glycol shielding and endosomally cleavable lipid and peptide linkers
Grosse SM, Tagalakis AD, Mustapa MF, Elbs M, Meng QH, Mohammadi A, Tabor AB, Hailes HC, Hart SL.

2009 Bioconjugate Chemistry 2009, 20(3) : 518-532
Stabilised integrin-targeting ternary LPD (lipopolyplex) vectors for gene delivery designed to disassemble within the target cell
Mustapa F, Grosse S, Kudsiova L, Elbs M, Raiber EA, Wong J, Brain A, Armer H, Warley A, Keppler M, Ng T, Lawrence MJ, Hart S, Hailes H, Tabor A

28 Novembre 2008 Chapitre de livre : Sous presse
Transports cytotiques : endocytose, devenir des substances endocytes et exocytose
S. Grosse, I. Fajac

07 Juillet 2008 Article de presse: BBC News, 7 juillet 2007
Skin cells 'fight child cancer'

01 Mai 2008 Brevet international : N PCT/GB2007/002012, Mai 2007
MATERIALS AND COMPLEXES FOR THE DELIVERY OF BIOLOGICALLY-ACTIVE MATERIALS TO CELLS : PEGylated cleavable reagents (peptides and lipids) for in vivo gene transfer
S. Hart, S. Grosse, A. Tabor, J. Wong, M. Elbs, H. Hailes, M. Mohd Mustapa

2008 J. Control Release 2008, (132 ) 105-112
In vivo gene delivery in the mouse lung with lactosyleted polyethylenimine, questioning the relevance of in vitro experiments.
Grosse S, Thevenot G, Aron Y, Duverger E, Abdelkarim M, Roche AC, Monsigny M, Fajac I

2008 Mol. Biosyst. 2008, 4(6), 532-541
Acid cleavable PEG-lipids for applications in a ternary gene delivery vector.
Wong JB, Grosse S, Tabor AB, Hart SL, Hailes HC

01 Janvier 2007 2 iconographies des Drs. S. Grosse et I. Fajac, 2007
A guide to nucleic acid labeling and detection systems (Brochure)
Vectors Laboratories

2007 British Journal of Cancer 2007, 97(2), 210-217
Immunotherapy for neuroblastoma using syngeneic fibroblasts transfected with IL-2 and IL-12
SM Grosse, SE Barker, EK Siapati, A Kritz, C Kinnon, AJ Thrasher, SL Hart

2007 J. Control Release 2007, 122(1), 111-117
Cytoskeletal involvement in the cellular trafficking of plasmid/PEI derivative complexes
Grosse S, Aron Y, Thevenot G, Monsigny M, Fajac I

2006 Current Pediatric Reviews, 2006, 2, 99-105
Cystic Fibrosis Gene Therapy: Key Questions and Prospects
Isabelle Fajac, Stephanie Grosse, Annie-Claude Roche, Michel Monsigny

2006 J Gene Med. 2006; 8: 845-851
Which mechanism for nuclear import of plasmid DNA complexed with polyethylenimine derivatives?
Stephanie Grosse, Guiti Thevenot, Michel Monsigny, Isabelle Fajac

2005 J. Gene Med. 2005 ; 7(10), 1275-1286
Potocytosis and cellular exit of complexes as cellular pathways for gene delivery by polycations
Grosse S, Aron Y, Thevenot G, Franois D, Monsigny M, Fajac I

2005 J. Control Release 2005; 107(3), 537-546
Transcription of plasmid DNA: influence of plasmid DNA/polyethylenimine complex formation
Honore I, Grosse S, Frison N, Favatier F, Monsigny M, Fajac I

2004 J. Gene Med. 2004; 6, 345-356
Lactosylated polyethylenimine for gene transfer into airway epithelial cells: role of the sugar moiety in cell delivery and intracellular trafficking of the complexes
Grosse S, Aron Y, Honore I, Thevenot G, Danel C, Roche A-C, Monsigny M, Fajac I

2004 J. Control. Release 2004; 97(2), 371-381
Recombinant Escherichia coli as a gene delivery vector into airway epithelial cells
Fajac I, Grosse S, Collombet J-M, Thevenot G, Goussard S, Danel C, Grillot-Courvallin C

2003 Cell. Mol. Life Sci. 2003; 60, 288-297
Glycofection: facilitated gene transfer by cationic glycopolymers
Roche A-C, Fajac I, Grosse S, Frison N, Rondanino C, Mayer R, Monsigny M

2002 Gene Ther. 2002; 9, 1000-1007
Intracellular rate-limiting steps of gene transfer using glycosylated polylysines in cystic fibrosis airway epithelial cells
Grosse S, Tremeau-Bravard A, Aron Y, Briand P, Fajac I

2002 Gene Ther. 2002 ; 9, 740-742
Targeting of cell receptors and gene transfer efficiency: a balancing act
Fajac I, Grosse S, Briand P, Monsigny M

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